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There are some things that are best done clothed. Likewise there are some things best done nude. There are also many more things that can be done equally well clothed or nude! What would you recommend doing nude? What would you recommend not doing nude?

In the following lists, assume a nude friendly environment is available, and common sense and normal protective gear are used when applicable. Remember we are still in a nude hostile world, so play it smart if you are going to engage in any of the activities listed below while nude. Enjoy!


Non-nudists (textiles) often ask; "Why would you take off all your clothes in front of other people and run around naked?" Well, we don't just run around naked, and there are a lot of good reasons we prefer to be nude. The obvious reason that first pops into my mind is "Nude is natural and more comfortable!", but comfort is only one of the many benefits of nudism.

This page is devoted to building a list of the benefits to living the nudist lifestyle. If you know of a good benefit to being nude that you don't see listed here, then email me to send it in for inclusion on this list


Swimming Nude is Better
  • You don't have to fight the waves to keep your swimming suit on.
  • The water feels better against your bare skin than a wet swimming suit.
  • When you get out of the water, a swimming suit stays wet and feels bad.
  • When swimming nude, you won't get sand in your suit.
Fewer Clothing and Laundry Hassles
  • Nudity reduces laundry costs.
  • Fewer washings reduce wear and fading, which in turn reduce how often you need to buy new clothes.
  • Eating nude considerably reduces the chances of spilled food staining and ruining your garments.
  • Deciding what to wear becomes a trivial decision instead of an often stressful decision.
  • Travelling for nude recreation cuts down on the amount of luggage that you need to carry.
  • Nude backpacking reduces the amount of gear you need to carry on your back.
Sun Helps Clear Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disease that turns skin purple. Dermatologists have a treatment of sitting under a flourescent light to simulate the sun's ray. Why simulate? Go nude! The sun causes the body to produce dihydrxycholecalciferol. The more sun on the more skin, the better!

Sleeping Nude is Better

By allowing air to travel freely over the entire body, the body is better able to distribute heat. This allows you to actually be warmer in the winter (under blankets of course) and cooler in the summer.

Sunbathing Nude is Better

Sunbathing nude prevents those nasty tan lines and allows the entire body to benefit from the positive effects of the sun.

Being nude can help prevent lyme disease.

Lyme disease is carried by the deer-tick. This little bug appears to bite when it lodges itself between clothing and skin. By being nude, they are much more easily brushed off before they can find a place to bite.

Skinny dipping can help reduce rash from sea lice.

Sea lice, or jellyfish larvae stings cause a painful, itchy rash. The sea lice sting when they get trapped between your suit and skin. The obvious conclusion is to reduce your swimwear to reduce the chances of getting stung.

Nudity may improve fertility

Being nude allows the male sex organs to better adapt to changing temperature. Tight, restrictive clothing inhibits the body's natural mechanism for doing so, which could cause reduced fertility.



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