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More and more people and their families are discovering the healthy, stress-free benefits of nude recreation. I encourage you to experience these benefits for yourself.  Consider taking a natural getaway soon. At a nudist facility chic means no fashion at all. You can pack very, very light... and feel the stress just melt away.  Those who enjoy nude recreation accept themselves as they are.  People who feel good about themselves. These are just some of the rewards of nude recreation.

"Nudist / Naturist is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment."

Nudist / Naturist is the practice of complete nudity in a social setting. Though nudity is the most obvious aspect of nudist/naturist, it is part of a much wider context.

The purpose of nudist/naturist is to promote wholesomeness and stability of the human body, mind, and spirit. These come most easily to those who shed the psychological and social encumbrance of clothing, to see and respect the human body as created.

Nudist / Naturist also promotes optimal health through complete contact of the body with the natural elements. It is practiced as much as possible in environments free of the pollution and stress of modern society. It is therefore associated with an enlightened, holistic approach to nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and social interaction.

Nudist / Naturist is founded on family participation. Children in nudist/naturist families learn to appreciate the body as part of their natural environment. They grow up with healthful attitudes and accept the physical nature of both sexes and all ages without fear or shame.

Nude living thus removes barriers to communication between people and fosters appreciation of the environment. It leads to healthier and more humane living: richer, simpler, and enlightened by joy and freedom.

Over 2.7 million (8.9% of the population) agree in some way according to a 1999 survey.

Essentially synonymous, the terms Naturist/Naturism were originally created as an alternative to Nudist/Nudism in the attempt to dispel negative connotations associated with Nudism. Naturism tends to imply more environmental awareness, free beach values, and recreational nudity, while Nudism tends to be focused more around resorts and living nude full time.

How Nudism Can Save You Money
imageThe truth of the matter is that living a nudist lifestyle may actually be far better for you, physically, ecologically and economically. More...

By Nathan Powers



What is NUDISM?



Imagine, being free to be yourself. Free to relax, Free to accept yourself just as you are, Free to accept others as they are. Free to experience who you are inside more than what you show outside. Free to just be. Undisplayed Graphic Remember running naked through the house or going skinny dipping as a youngster? Remember how free and exhilarated you felt... Click here for story!




You have nothing to lose but your hang-ups. You are going against a lifelong conditioning which became effective when you were about 3 years of age. Typically you are apprehensive. This is normal. Just remember that you are apprehensive only because it is different and strange to you, remember also that all of us here except the children were in the same boat, some maybe yesterday or a few days ago. It passes quickly once you get here. Ask anyone here how it was with them. You will find that most were like yourself. And don't think we are all perfect specimens. Look at your friends and neighbors - that's us.

From: aanr Nudist/Naturist Teenage


In today’s world, the societal pressures are very strong. Oftentimes, people succumb to peer pressure, and try to fit into the image of this “perfect” person. They think that to go somewhere in life, they can’t be themselves—they have to be what others expect of them. Inner direction becomes terribly skewed, and, unfortunately, it is often lost completely. Right and wrong, as simple as they may seem, begin to blend together, and as a result, many bad decisions are made. The part of society that seems to be most affected by these factors are teens like myself. Somehow the desire to be popular and the struggle to be normal distort perception and mangle self-esteem. Appearance is everything, and true identity is nothing. Being a nudist, I am able to step back from all this and see what’s wrong with the picture. I have the ability to look past the superficial elements and see the soul. And I have the power to stand up for what I believe in, against the grain of society, and be a leader, even if I stand alone. This is what I live for—not to be the most admired or part of the majority. I live to be me.  Click for more info!



According to one source, there are 104 references to the word "naked" and its derivatives in 87 verses of the King James Version of the Bible. But with the New International Version, a translation preferred by many conservative Christians, there are only 49 references in 47 verses...   Click for more info

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